“OP has the softest looking skin ever,” reads one comment, while another writes, “You look super pretty and glowy.” Sure, haters will say it’s Photoshop, but based on the up-close videos on Manteaw’s YouTube beauty channel, it’s safe to say her otherworldly skin is, in fact, legit.

So I reached out to Manteaw to ask the question everyone’s wondering: How the hell do I get your skin?! And, thankfully, she broke down her exact routine for me, below.

Her Anti-Acne Regimen

Though Manteaw refuses to say that she has freaking awesome skin, because she’s very nice and humble, she did tell me that she dealt with teenage acne, like the rest of us, that resulted in scarring. “As a black woman, my pubescent acne left me with terrible hyperpigmentation that followed me into my adult years,” she tells Cosmopolitan, noting that the two products that helped clear her dark marks and even out her texture were vitamin C and African black soap.

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